Saturday, April 02, 2005

T-minus 23

Good Hope Orange reporting in...I almost feel like I'm there:

"Twenty-three minutes until game time. We are in our seats. We are high up but have a great view of the court. No complaints from this fan!

"Louisville came out a few minutes a go to some cheering from their fans and a lot of boos from the rest of the people in attendance. Illinois came out a short time later to a ton of cheers and an extended version of the ILL-INI chant.

"I should also mention Louisville has some silly chant where they all spell out CARDS and then yell it. Sarcasm alert--I can't believe they are so original!

"Well, we are down to 19 minutes until gametime and there are still a lot of seats to fill. Our section is filling up fast, though and I think we are in the row right behind the Orange Krush section. Simply awesome! Look for us on TV. We'll be the ones in orange."

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