Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Who They Are

I just had to post this must-read story tonight. It's not your ordinary sports story but shows the heart of this team. I particularly loved the part about Dee and his scrapbook.

Full Disclosure Alert: I found this story while visiting the Illiniboard. Some of the comments about it there are pretty funny. Allow me to summarize: Could you see the players' names in the story replaced with "Felton" or "McCants"? Exactly.

By the way, speaking of Illiniboard, I remember reading John Brumbaugh's analysis after he got his first glimpse of Dee, Deron and Augie in Orange and Blue at Midnight Madness when they were freshmen and he said Dee was going to be a player Illini fans would enjoy watching for years to come. My was he right!

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