Thursday, March 10, 2005

Updated Tournament Predictions

Here are my predictions for the Big 10 Tournament:

Day 1 (okay, a couple games are already over so those are gimme's):

Northwestern over Michigan

Iowa over Purdue (Sorry to see you go Coach Keady but we wish you the best)

Ohio State over Penn State

Day 2

Illinois over Northwestern (This should be a blowout. Illinois will want to make a statement after losing Sunday)

Indiana over Minnesota (for ESPN analysts view of the inportance of this game to each teams's NCAA tournament chances, click here. I am predicting an Indiana win as they are more desperate than Minnesota, they always seem to win when Davis needs it to save his job, and thanks to a big game from Bracey White)

Michigan State over Iowa (The Hawkeyes don't have enough firepower).

Ohio State over Wisconsin (Hey, I had to pick at least one upset but Wisconsin could very well win this game)

Day 3

Illinois over Indiana

Michigan State over Ohio State (although I would love for the Buckeyes to make it to the Championship game so Illinois could demolish them).

Day 4
Illinois over Michigan State (This should be a very good game but Illinois gets the edge)

NCAA Tournament Predictions

From the Big 10--Illinois is the top overall #1 seed, Michigan State is somewhere between a 3 and a 5 seed, and Wisconsin is somewhere between a 6 and an 8 seed. If Indiana beats Minnesota as predicted, both of these teams could get in. However, not everyone agrees with that part of my prediction, as you will see here.

#1 Seeds
Illinois (Midwest Region and #1 overall)
North Carolina (East Region and #2 overall)
Wake Forest (West Region and #3 overall)
Kentucky (South Region and #4 overall)

Frankly, I am not sold on Kentucky yet but I have to put someone there. Louisville could also sneak into that spot if they win the Conference USA Tournament and Kentucky falters in the SEC Tournament. Arizona is also a longshot possibility. Duke WILL NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT, get the 4th number one seed unless they win the ACC Tournament and the selection committee decides to take them over Wake or NC. The ACC WILL NOT have three # 1 seeds. I guarantee it (because if they do, something is seriously wrong with the selection process).

#2 Seeds

These predictions have obviously been fluid and have changed as the season has progressed. The conference tournaments could make for some changes between who is a 1 and who is a 2 but I think these 8 teams will be there in the end barring major upsets. This is what makes March Madness so great. We will have more predictions once the actual brackets are announced.

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