Thursday, March 24, 2005

Today's Game, Pearlgate, Price and Photos

Today's game

Tupper blogs about All-Dark Arena here...Tribune's Garcia examines the match-ups...most are turning this into David and Goliath...

Media has been all over this story this week.

Why not?

It's a tale of intrigue...tape recording phone conversations...bribery...cover-up...whistleblower...scandal...

The coverage this week by the national pro writers sounded like they were covering Watergate all over again.

The only difference is this: If Bruce Pearl is Deep Throat...i.e. the guy who blows the top off a massive scandal...why were his tapes the ones with the gaps in them ala Richard Nixon? Just a question to ponder.

Everything you want to know about the controversy here.

Since the Journalism Department at the U of I did such a bang-up job uncovering the identity of Deep Throat (their project has its own website here and they were also featured on Dateline NBC) perhaps they can use their wisdom and ace investigative reporting to set the record straight from Pearlgate.

Jay Price
Looks like he's interested in the job at Eastern IL...can't say that I blame him...he's a very good assistant who will make a major program a very good coach someday...and let's face it, the better Bruce Weber and his teams perform, the more interest there will be in his will be interesting to see if Weber's assistants ourperform the great coaching offspring of Quin and Tommy

They tell a story in and of themselves. Here are some of my favorites running on the wire today (I know some are more than a day old but I still love 'em):

Dee I ...Dee II...Pruitt is HUGE and will be a beast...Luther...Looks like Weber is losing his patience with McBride's shot..."Hey ref, congratulations, ya finally got it right"...

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