Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Media Pulse, Faxes and The Zook

Today's Media Pulse

Morrissey: UP (can this guy get any better?)...check this article

Doyel: EVEN (but starting to trend down)...he gave Weber props yesterday and dogs us today...schizo...

Bayless: DOWN...says he wants UNC-Illinois title game so Illini can be exposed as frauds? Wish I could get paid to make stupid statements...

Tribune sports section: UP...check this sweet spread...DePaul, eat your heart out

Who Is This Guy Again?

Shouldn't this coach be focused on his own team(considering the egg they laid in the Dance) rather than sending faxes?

Boys of Fall

Spring football started yesterday...Brad Bower left the we're down to five QB's...AP has the story here...Sun-Times story here...

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