Wednesday, March 02, 2005

March Predictions: Round One

It's March. That means basketball. Lots of basketball. In fact, this is one of my favorite times of the year there is so much basketball.

With the beginning of March, here are my predictions through Selection Sunday. I'll do another round after the tournament brackets come out.

Illinois' Remaining games: Finish the regular season undefeated. Take down Purdue by 20 and tOSU by 5. Bruce Weber will ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle into Assembly Hall and present it to Gene Keady as his going away gift.

Big Ten Tourney: As it stands now, the Illini could end up playing Iowa, Indiana and MSU/Wisconsin for the title. I think if they get past Iowa, they win it. The Iowa game is what worries me--playing them three times this year having already beaten them twice. That said, I think Dee and the boys will be up for it. My reasoning? People are still doubting them. I think Illinois runs the table in Chicago. Steve Alford proclaims the Hawkeys as Big Ten Champs (but fails to mention of the lower part of the conference) and is fired immediately afterwards.

NCAA tourney: Number one seeds: IL (1 overall), UNC, Wake and since no one wants the fourth seed i'm giving it to...Kansas (by default-sorry Kentucky). This is what I think will happen...not what I think should happen. Kansas has gotten the benefit of the doubt all year and it won't stop now.

Big Ten PYOY: Dee Brown. This week's Sports Illustrated cover gives him the edge over his backcourt teammates. Seriously. These awards are completely subjective. SI cover is worth a bounce of three points in the scoring average.

All Big Ten First Team: Dee, Deron, Luther, Wilkinson, Davis (Powell and Augie make the second team)

Baby: Finally, Good Hope Orange e-mailed me to let me know he and Oskee Mom Mom were going to the hospital. Sounds like a future Chief Illiniwek may be ready to come into the world. I predict a labor of eight hours and a healthy baby boy.

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