Sunday, March 27, 2005

"It's Not Supposed to End This Way"

I have to admit, with four minutes to go and down 15, I looked at Skinny Sweetcheeks and told her it was over. I didn't just say I thought it was over. I told her it was over.

Well, Skinny Sweetcheeks was a cheerleader in high school and she replied, "Never say die, honey. I just don't think our season is supposed to end this way."

She was right.


What's left to say about the starting five other than that I love to watch them play.

As for the bench: I know people have dissed Rich McBride all year. I've thought all along he just needed encouragement to stay with his shot. Now I know he only hit one shot (a three-pointer) but I'll tell you what: he doesn't hit that shot, we don't win. Hopefully that encourages him.

Carter was huge off the bench and so was Jack. Carter will be huge next year at Illinois...Jack will be huge in Europe (if he wants)...or as some braniac electrical engineer somewhere.

How many times must I say it but I'll say it again...Weber is genius.

Who else saw Ron Zook sitting behind the Illinois bench? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I saw Bill Murray too but I was more excited to see Ron Zook showing his support for the basketball team. School spirit...TV face time...helps recruiting...helps the all feeds on itself.

I'm proud to be an Illinois fan. Out here at Illinitalk East, when the big local school--The University of Marland--gets a win like this they burn couches in the street and riot all night. In Illinois, our fans line the overpasses to cheer on the team bus as it drives home from Chicago.

By the way, they are still in shock today in the middle of ACC country.

I can't tell you how many e-mails I got as soon as that game was over. Many fans of other Big Ten schools telling me they are pulling for us (gotta love the Big Ten family). Even had a Duke fan congratulate me. (Is Satan ice skating?) Still haven't heard from Young Man, though.

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