Tuesday, March 08, 2005

How much longer must we listen to this?

The Big Ten coaches had their weekly conference call with the pro reporters yesterday. (I think it'd be clutch if they scheduled a teleconference with bloggers.) Understandably, there were a lot of questions for Coach Weber...

Full Sarcasm Alert
Can someone please tell me if we won or lost this weekend? I've looked in all sorts of papers and surfed the Internet for hours and just can't seem to locate one single story about the game.
End Full Sarcasm Alert

There were a lot of questions for Coach Weber about the loss at Ohio State...which led to there being a lot of stories today (here, here and here) about it (for the second day in a row). No use in writing about something once when you can write about it again, eh?

Fresh Air Alert
Mike Downey's In the Wake of the News column in the Tribune today

I look forward to the day...hopefully it's today...when the media starts looking forward as Downey does. After all, the Big Ten Tournament starts Thursday in Chicago. (That's the day after tomorrow for you pro writers who are as bad at math as I am.)
End Fresh Air Alert

Article of the Day can be found here.

Classic. "I take no pleasure in saying this." "I'm a Bruce Weber fan." "I hope I'm wrong." I just love writers who hate on us by trying to be polite.

Give me a break. Hopefully this goes straight to the Illini bulletin board.

Notice how there is no e-mail address to contact the writer, either?

Vitale Watch
Have to give him kudo's...he said the loss should not affect our seeding in the tourney. Props to Dickie V.

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