Friday, March 11, 2005

Condolances and adversity

Illinois beat Northwestern today. That's the good news.

The really bad news is Bruce Weber's mother died tonight at a Chicago hospital.

Chicago Tribune story here...Mark Tupper blog on the early postgame developments here...if you've got ESPN, Erin Andrews is tracking the story and calling into the studio with the latest.

It has to be an extremely difficult time for the Weber family. Everyone knows that family is more important than knows that, the players know that, the media and the fans know that.

But what must be going through his mind right now? He spent the last two years preparing for this month and now he has extreme grief from a huge loss to cope with.

My guess is, the team will pull together. Jay Price has been under Weber/Keady tutelage for a long time. He can handle the job. And athletes always tend to play better when there is serious adversity like this.

Take your time to grieve and heal, coach. It will all be fine.

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