Thursday, March 17, 2005

Chief: I Want Digger's Job

I was pleased to see Digger pick IL for the national title. I think he's finally clued in. Vitale...well, not a bad pick with North Carolina but three-fourths of the Final Four coming from that state? Give me a break! I'm going out on a limb and not picking it to happen.

Here are my picks (how cool is it that I can pick my team with strong confidence to win it all):

Sweet Sixteen

IL-WI-Mil...IL wins
AZ-OSU...OSU wins
First round upset (if you can call it that): Nev. over TX

WA-L'ville...L'ville wins
UCLA-Wake...Wake wins
Other "upset": Pitt over Pacific

UNC-FL...tough pick but I take UNC to win...this could be trap for the Heels
KU-UConn...tough one as well...I almost picked Wis. to upset KU in 2nd round...and if Langford is still out that may happen...I take UConn to Elite 8
Other "upset": NC State over Charlotte...taking Minny over Iowa St. also (sorry Young Man)

Duke-Cuse...Cuse wins...
OK-Kentucky...OK wins...two upsets here...know I'm going out on limb but hey, that's what it's all about
Other "upset": Iowa over Cincinnati...but losing to Kentucky...(sorry again, Young Man)

Also, this may come back to haunt me but I picked all Big Ten teams to win their first round games (gotta show my allegiance). But I only picked Illinois to get past second round.

Elite Eight

IL beats OSU

L'ville beats Wake

UNC beats UConn

Cuse beats OK

Final Four

IL over L'ville and UNC over Cuse



NOTE: I don't care if I'm wrong on everything else...I just want Illinois to win it all. Bad

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