Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bruce Weber Shows Us What He's Made Of

So this is what Bruce Weber is made of.

How long would it take someone to realize Weber was raised in a blue collar family?

Well, if they were watching his life the last 36 hours or so, not long. I love this guy. He's a fighter with a tender heart...and his team has shown it all season. My dream is to see them perform in the Big Dance the same way their coach did today...with a humble, tender demeanor but the grit and fight of a champion.

I think the photos and the following stories tell the story much better than I could:


Weber grieving...Pregame tears...Press Conference tears...Hugging Luther...More pregame...Coaching his heart out...Entering the UC...Family support...

By the way...Augustine came to play today...


Fox Sports...Pat Forde (ESPN)...Mark Tupper blog...

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