Thursday, March 10, 2005

Big 10 Tournament Media Coverage

The Big 10 Tournament started today. For a look at the positive impact the Big 10 Tournament has had on the conference's performance in the NCAA tournament check out this article in today's Tribune. Skip Myslenski of the Tribune also has an outstanding article on how the biggest advantage the ACC has over the Big 10 is its image. He gives a great comparison between Indiana and Georgia Tech that illustrate his point and he also manages to work in references to Dan Rather, Michael Jackson, and Desparate Housewives, which is pretty impressive considering this article is in the sports section.

Other articles worth checking out include a Tribune preview of today's games and a humorous column by Mike Downey about a few Big Ten tidbits worth knowing. I know, I know, lots of love for the Tribune today but they seem to have the best coverage of today's papers. However, for some balance, let me also recommend today's Daily Herald article on the Illini.

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