Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Website Roundup

ESPN: Talk about free advertising! ESPN has a new link up on the left side of their college ball page called "Road to Perfection."

Lunardi is up with his latest Bracketology. Illinois is the #1 seed in the Midwest region, although we don't particularly like the prospect of playing Georgia Tech in the second round (with a healthy B.J. Elder).

CBS Sportsline: Gregg Doyel has a nice shout-out to the Illini and quotes Dee Brown as giving huge props to the Illini fans: "Without our fans," says Illini guard Dee Brown, "we're nothing."

SI: Mandel is up with his new Bracket Watch. SI obviously didn't listen to our post last week about the terrible format because it's still there. Seriously, who wants to scroll to the bottom of the screen just to see who we play in the first round...and after that forget it...I ain't trying to figure out any of the later round games.

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