Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Tale of Two Columnists: Bathing Suit Competition Edition

Today's Chicago Tribune has enough coverage of last night's game to keep Illini fans busy reading for quite a while.

Yesterday was Media Day at the Super Bowl, where the Bear aren't playing. If they were, my guess is coverage of last night's game would be a little more watered down in the Chicago papers. Any guesses on how many times Bruce Weber has had the same thought (re: the sports media vacuum that presently exists in Illinois) cross his mind...especially when it comes to positive publicity for recruiting purposes?
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Of particular note in the Tribune today are columnists Rick Morrissey and Skip Myslenski. Morrissey (a regular Illinitalk shout out recipient) covers the game from an Illini perspective. Myslenski, obviously drawing the short straw, covers it from an MSU perspective.

Morrissey, as usual includes plenty of great one-liners in his column, including this one: When your record is 22-0, you shouldn't be looking to win the bathing suit competition.
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Illinitalk wonders: will the Tribune cover all the big games Illinois plays from here on out this way? Suppose Illinois plays Kansas, Duke and/or UNC in the tourney.

Can you just see it: Morrissey covers the (we hope) Illini wins. Myslenski write about how rough the losers (we hope Kansas, Duke and/or UNC) have it. I love it!!!

Be sure to check back later today for more coverage of last night's win.

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