Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sarcasm, Cool Photo and...ESPN Buy-In?

Shootaround: Before last night’s drubbing of Penn State (which turned out to be a little easier than last year’s game in Happy Valley), the Illini had quite a shootaround that sounds like it was much more entertaining than the actual game (Dee Brown’s cross-legged one-handed shot from the Illinois bench sounds like Harlem Globetrotters material).

Sarcasm alert: We really wish Illinois would’ve lost the game to get the monkey off their back. They’re just not loose enough.

Plea: Can we please play Penn State once next year (and every year after)? It really makes no sense to play the Nittany Kittens twice but Sparty only once.

Photo Alert: I grew up in the Jordan era. This photo of Dee from last night brought back some of those memories immediately.

ESPN buy-in: New Power 16 is up. Here's what they have to say about Illinois: Two-thirds of the way to an undefeated national championship season.

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