Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Lunardi the Cardiologist

ESPN's resident bracketologist, Joe Lunardi, could possibly be dubbed a cardiologist for Illini fans. Given the potential for Illini fans to go into full meltdown mode when anything out of the ordinary happens (read: in this case a loss), Lunardi provides some welcome perspective:

Not even a loss at Michigan State would drop Illinois at this point. But four of next six are on the road.

His assessment of Illinois so far this season: It is a big deal to be undefeated this late in the year, and it will be a bigger deal if the Illini can get past Tuesday's trip to Michigan State. They would then be favored in every remaining regular-season game.

Click here for this week's bracketology. Most of his site requires Insider subscription but since the Illini are a one seed, you can read their profile here (as of this posting, the links are switched and you have to click on Kansas to read about Illinois...Illinitalk is sure Lunardi knows how much Illinois fans love Kansas and assumes he will have the error straightened out shortly).

Also of note...in case you've been living on Mars with Austin Bishop of the Neshoba Democrat, and hadn't heard, Illinois only plays MSU once this season. ESPN's Andy Katz has a good story on the Big Ten schedule and its injustice.

And, don't forget to check out the other Illini blogs...they are loaded with information in their latest postings: Tupper, Dawson and Illiniwonk.

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