Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"If you want to be a player, you'd better make plays"

The Sun-Times' Jay Mariotti has a column today about last night's loss...I mean win...I mean loss...I mean I'm not sure if Mariotti thinks winning last night was actually a good thing...which means the Illini must've lost for winning. Anyway, he is sticking by his theory that Illinois should lose a game or two before it heads into the NCAA tournament.

That's fine.

However, it's hard to follow his logic since he makes the case towards the end of his article that losing a game or two would be good after he says this:

But before I could say "fraud,'' there was Brown, plotting his heist, slapping the ball away and driving for a layup. And before I could say "overrated,'' as the Michigan fans were chanting, there he was a minute later, tapping it to himself and going the distance.

So if Illinois would've lost, he would've written that the team was a "fraud" and "overrated" because they lost to Michigan...but because they won, it's also not good.

What gives?

Dee Brown Shout-out: We'd like to retire the Kenny "I provide the emotion that won't let my team lose" Battle Award to Dee Brown right now. If you didn't get to see last night's game, the following quote from Mariotti's column is all you need to read:

"You've got to make plays, fight it out. If you want to be a player, you'd better make plays,'' said Brown, dreadlocks hanging under his skullcap. "They were doing things, and we weren't mentally prepared for it. I tried to make something happen.''

Enough said.

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