Tuesday, February 08, 2005

EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! Read all about it!

ESPN has posted a great graphic and features on their college hoops home page. It is called Chasing History: The Road to Perfection. It shows the remaining games on Illinois' and Boston College's schedules, has a poll, and an article from Pat Forde about the Illini being undefeated going into the NCAA Tournament. ESPN changes their web pages frequently so check it out soon and be sure to vote in the poll.

Media Accountability Alert--Illinitalk appreciates Mr. Forde's article but does take issue with Mr. Forde telling readers to remember where they read it first with regards to Illinois being undefeated going into the NCAA Tournament. Although he says it a little tongue in cheek since last week he said the Illini only had a 50-50 chance of being undefeated come tournament time, it obviously shows he should be reading Illinitalk as we wrote about a possible undefeated Big 10 season back on January 3rd (in Good Hope Orange's first post ever on the blog). Check it out in our January archives.

Finally, yet another shout out to Greg Couch of the Sun-Times for once again writing an excellent and insightful article on the Illini. He is quickly becoming an Illinitalk favorite.

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