Thursday, February 10, 2005

ESPN's Power and Paper Tiger Rankings is up with this week's Power 16. The experts all have the Illini at number 1.

Two major points:

1. I love reading the little tidbits they write about each team. For Illinois, it's this: "From our vantage point, learning how to win ugly is a good thing heading into tournament play."

Food for thought: Could winning ugly do just as much to help Illinois as "losing once or twice" as so many national pundits (ahem cough Jay Marrioti cough cough) want us to believe?

2. The Bottom 10 is particularly interesting since North Carolina (the most talented team in America in case you haven't been paying attention the last few months) rolled in at number 10...otherwise known as the "Paper Tiger Slot."

Reasoning? The writers explain for themselves: "Paper tiger slot goes to Heels, who once again failed on the road in a big spot. Beating UConn this weekend with Rashad Anderson ailing probably won't answer that question."

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