Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bipartisan Couple and Down Under

Bipartisan Couple
My wife, Skinny Sweetcheeks, and I are friends with Bipartisan Couple. They told us last time we talked that they're goin' to the game Saturday when Illinois plays at Iowa. I call them Bipartisan Couple because when it comes to Big Ten sports, they are on different sides of the river...Mississippi River that is.

She (Krystal Clear) roomed with Skinny in college at Illinois and is a huge Illini fan. She married Young Man. He's a big Iowa fan. I was scratching my head too about this until I met him.

Young Man is actually the most tolerable Iowa fan I know. I actually like the guy. Yeah, weird. But he's a good dude...make that a real good dude.

Young Man actually wants Illinois to win the title because we're having a special year...and thinks it's only appropriate that we finish it off undefeated and with a National Championship. Plus, he wants the Big Ten to look good.

I speak the truth Illinois fans. There is at least one very very nice and reasonable Iowa fan out there. His name is Young Man.

Just as an aside, they just had a baby boy. Illinitalk is hoping they raise him right...rooting for the team on the east side of the river.

Young Man and Krystal Clear: have a great time at the game Saturday. May the Krush be loud in Carver and may the Illini run Iowa into the ground

Chief and Skinny Sweetcheeks Down Under
Chief is leaving Saturday and will be gone through next week. He is taking Skinny Sweetcheeks to Australia for Valentine's Day.

Well, actually it happened a little different than that but Chief and Skinny are going to Australia nonetheless. That leaves Good Hope Orange to hold down the Illinitalk fort while I'm gone. Please be patient...he's got a day job...but his posts, as always, will be well worth the read.

This could be the last post before I leave so...G'day, mate!

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