Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Biggest Upset of the Year? I DON'T THINK SO!

Ah, yes, you have got to love announcers don't you? Let's just jump on the bandwagon and sing the praises of whichever team is winning. It drives me crazy! It also really irritates my normally very calm wife, who is also an Illini alum, so it isn't just me.

My wife finally figured out about a week ago that I was one of the contributors to Illinitalk. It only took her a month. It was all very entertaining to the Chief and I. But maybe you had to be there....
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Anyway, back to last night. Once Michigan took the lead on the Illini late in the first half, all we heard from Musberger and Lavin was how this woudl be the biggest upset of the year. To Musberger's credit, he at least pointed out to Lavin that there was still an entire half to go. However, they both continued to harp on this point until the Illini finally took the lead for good in the latter stages of the second half. I realize that if the Illini had lost last night, it would have been a huge upset. However, I don't need to hear that point over and over again and have it jammed down my throat. There is a game going on. In the future, maybe the announcers should remember that and focus on the action on the floor. But maybe I shouldn't complain--the Illini seem to be motivated by members of the media who doubt them.

Speaking of the media, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times must have the same sports headline writer. Both use the headline "1 and Only" on the front page of their sports sections. Too funny (and probably a little embarassing for both of the rival papers).

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