Friday, February 18, 2005


Some outstanding media coverage of the Illini yesterday and today but none better than the column by Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Tribune. As Chief also points out, there are some true gems and some keen observations in the column titled "Illini letdown doesn't belong in winning tale." The line about Dick Vitale's vocal cords surviving even in the event of a catastrophic nuclear attack is a classic. However, the article is so good I can't do it justice here so check out the link.

Other articles worth a read:

"The voice of experience" article in the Tribune has some excellent advice from St. Joe's coach Phil Martelli. He says needing a loss is hogwash and to just win them all.

Greg Couch in yesterday's Sun Times says Illinois is staying sharp as they bide their time until the tournament.

While Illinitalk completely disagrees with his prediction that Illinois will lose a game in the Big 10 Tournament, Andy Katz's column on 10 unanswered questions heading into March is worth a read. Note to Andy: If you don't think a chance to win both the conference and the tournament titles plus remaining undefeated can provide enough motivation to this team to win the Big 10 Tournament, you better put away your peace pipe. We understand you aren't guaranteeing they will lose (and we aren't guarantee they will win--yet) but the motivation will be there.

Chief provided a link to ESPN's Power 16 yesterday but also check out the expert's comments on those 16 here. My favorite comment is from Pat Forde who says, "After Illinois, no team in the upper portion of the Power 16 did much to distinguish itself this past week." Amen brother.

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