Wednesday, January 05, 2005

When Lake-Effect Snow Hurts the Brain

Illinitalk has long mused that one of the worst places in the country to live would be Cleveland. Even though we've endured some pretty nasty winters in Champaign, it is still no match for Cleveland. This week's forecast alone is enough to give us pause and ask why anyone in their right mind would live there by choice.

Apparently this chilling lake-effect weather has frozen the brain of one of the city's distinguished journalists. Elton Alexander, sports writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer calls out the Illini as "a disappointment waiting to happen" from this story on Monday.

Mr. Alexander, like any journalist, is entitled to his opinion. And, Illinitalk realizes it's never going to a agree with everything written about the Illinois sports programs. However, saying that this team is going to "fade in March" based on previous tournament appearances is nothing short of pure ignorance.

Illinitalk challenges Mr. Alexander to revise his prediction based on the performance of Champaign Showtime so far this season.

Of course, another great story might be how Illinois, a team of amateurs, seems to be up against a group of paid athletes when they play the Big Ten team from Mr. Alexander's home state of Ohio.

And wouldn't ya know it...the Buckeyes are visiting the Illini tonight in Assembly Hall (8 p.m. CT). Illinitalk guesses this score may be settled then...

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