Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Shout-out to the big men

It's been a broken record all season.

It's the reason these Illini didn't find themselves even in the top ten in some preseason polls.

It's the reason many people say Illinois will have problems if they meet up with Carolina in St. Louis.

"Illinois is thin inside."

This is the mantra from the national media most Illini fans are tired of hearing. However, James Augustine went a long way to putting it to rest this week. No sooner had Mark Tupper written in his blog that he hoped Augustine was on his way to consistency after his performance against The Ohio State, than Auggie had another solid game at Purdue and was named Big Ten Player of the Week.

Nice job Auggie!

In addition, Illinitalk also believes that if the Rev. (Roger Powell, Jr.) were wearing a Duke uniform he would have had at least half a dozen highlights on ESPN's Sportscenter Top Ten so far this season.

And, I'd take James Augustine to outrun Sean May down the court anytime, anywhere.

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