Friday, January 28, 2005

A Nickname? We need your help Illini fans

For those of you who watched the Illinois-Wisconsin game or read the sports articles the next day, you may be aware that Dick Vitale was asked if he had come up with a nickname for this year's Fighting Illini team (he is widely credited for giving the 1989 team the Flyin' Illini nickname). He said that he hadn't and threw out the lame suggestion of Flyin' Illini 2.

The Chicago Tribune is asking its readers for nickname suggestions for this year's team and today published some of the current proposed nicknames. On Saturday, they will be taking a final vote at

Because Illinitalk is not particularly impressed by the nicknames that have been submitted to the Tribune so far and because we know that not all of our readers may read the Tribune, we would like to give you the opportunity to tell us your suggested nicknames. We will then forward the best one(s) to as many media outlets as possible. We will do all the work, we just need your suggestions. So post your suggestions and let us know what you think. Go Illini!

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