Saturday, January 15, 2005

Memo to National Media: Tarheels are Basketball Mortals

With all the hype surrounding North Carolina's wins last week, you would think they are good enough to be playing in the NBA finals this season. Even though they had one loss before their visit to Wake Forest today, many in the national media were salivating so much they moved the Tarheels into first place in their individual polls--ahead of an undefeated Illinois squad.

Illinitalk didn't get too upset about this--UNC is a great team but it did surmise that the real test would come when UNC visited Wake today. And it did. Chris Paul and the rest of the Wake Forest basketball team threw some cold water on the Tarheels parade today and many of their fans in the national press as well.

The Wake win was all the more significant given the fact that Illinois slapped Wake around during the ACC-Big Ten Challenge.

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