Thursday, January 20, 2005

Iowa at Illinois Tonight

This year the word "Iowa" invokes more hate than it does fear into the hearts of Illini fans everywhere. There is possibly no team Illini fans hate more than Iowa basketball. However, given Illinois' superior play this season, most fans expect an Illini victory and hope for an absolute slaughter of the Hawkeyes.

The storyline for tonight centers on the guard matchups for the two teams. Iowa's three-guard lineup will be another good test for the Illini guards but one they should be able to handle. The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times have previews.

Tale of Two Iowa Fans

Illinitalk ran into two very different Iowa fans yesterday.

Fan number one was generally obnoxious, predicted an upset, said the pressure is on Illinois since they are number one and acted as if a win for the Hawkeyes at Assembly Hall was well within reach.

With a 1-2 record in conference play, isn't the pressure on the Hawkeyes and coach Steve Alford to prove themselves?

Just a thought.
End Sidebar

Fan number two was kind and considerate. He says he has great respect for the Illini this season and wants them to do well so the conference looks good. He said Iowa doesn't have a prayer tonight in Assembly Hall even if they play well.

Illinitalk was surprised at fan number two's actions and outlook. There is at least one rational Iowa fan out there. Illinitalk isn't holding out hope there are many more like him.

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