Monday, January 03, 2005

A gem to start 2005

What a way to start 2005. 14-0. Number 1 in the nation in both polls. I couldn't be more pleased.

What's more was this quote I found on the Cincinnati message board: "I'd run Illinois out there against the New Orleans Hornets right now."

This begs the question I have: Just how good is this team? With the nonconference schedule over and Big Ten games starting this week (Illinois has tOSU at home Wednesday) we will find out even more...especially with games at Wisconsin (1-25), MSU (2-1) and Iowa (2-19).

Right now, however, I am content to believe this team is better than any team in the country. Of course, even though I believe UNC, KS, Georgia Tech and Ok St. would give us a run for our money, I believe we still have the edge against all of them.

We will find out in March and April but for now...let the good times roll in the Big Ten!

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