Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Few Quick Early Saturday Thoughts...

1. Just happened to turn the TV on ESPN Classic this morning and what did I find? 1982 Illinois-Alabama Liberty Bowl. Bear Bryant's last game. Brought back memories of some of the glory days of Illinois football. Let's hope Ron Zook can rebuild our football program to at least what it once was.

2. Today it's time for the basketball team to pay the Northwestern Mildcats back for last year's upset in Evanston. This is a road game we shouldn't take for granted but one the Illini need in order to keep pace for the Big Ten title and perhaps even more so in the national rankings. Illiniboard's Kedric Prince has an excellent game preview, not to mention a pretty cool picture of Luther Head...check it out here.

3. I'm gonna be watching the Wake-UNC game closely today as well...a Wake win would be a big help to the Illini...not only because Illinois pounded Wake but because it would also cool off some of the national media hype around the Tarheels.

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