Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Early Week Musings...Luther, Dickie V. etc.

Shout-Out to The Luther

Luther Head was named Big Ten Player of the Week. He shares the award this week with some guy from Wisconsin. Luther was on fire this week against Penn State and Northwestern and helped lead the Illini to their best start in school history at 18-0. Illinitalk believes he owes 1/8 of the award to the Northwestern student section. Their idiotic, over-the-line antics at the game Saturday only gave Luther more motivation to get revenge for last year's loss in Evanston.

As the News-Gazette's Brett Dawson notes in his blog, Luther is the fourth different Illini player to be named Player of the Week during the 2004-05 season. The only Illini player not to be named this season? Deron Williams.

If you would have told Illinitalk at the start of the season that would be the case by late January, we would have told you Iowa fans are less delusional.

In any case, Illinitalk believes Deron is having a great season doing what he needs to do to help the Illini win. Once his shooting touch comes back, the Illini will be unstoppable. The question on everyone's mind--and Deron probably most of all--is when does that happen? In the meantime, Illinitalk is glad Deron is patient.

Dickie V. Watch

It took seven weeks with Illinois at number one for him to do it. But he did it.

Dick Vitale finally gave Illinois the props they deserve.

Many Illinois fans believe it's stupid to rant and rave about Dickie V. and all the other college basketball pundits and how they "disrespect Illinois."

However, Illinitalk believes there is room in the discussion for holding the national media accountable. That's what a blog is for.

Therefore, Illinitalk will thoughtfully and respectfully hold any and all sports commentators accountable for their coverage of the Illini--especially if it is biased.
End Sidebar

You can read the love Dickie V. gives the Illini by clicking here and here. Illinitalk is reserving its final verdict until it sees Dickie V.'s new rankings in ESPN's Power 16 later this week but was encouraged Vitale said Illinois looks like a Final Four team.

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