Thursday, January 27, 2005

Duke Gets Dooked

And then there were two.

Apparently TDA's (Tolerable Duke Alum) e-mail yesterday wasn't too far off base. He said the Illini were "scaring" him (see "Enough Said" post from 1/26/05). They should.

If a team actually plays defense against the Blue Devils, as Maryland did last night, the Dukies can end up in serious trouble. Witness Maryland's nine point win at Cameron Indoor.

Maryland ended Duke's undefeated season and left Illinois and Boston College as the two remaining unbeatens in D-I ball. What's worse for the Blue Devils is they still have quite a schedule left in the ACC (Wake x2, UNC x2, G Tech x2 and at Maryland.)

Maryland Fans
A word about Maryland's fans. There is a difference between being fanatical supporters of your team and being downright stupid. Many of Maryland's fans have gained a reputation for the latter. I realize it was an upset last night but setting things on fire in the middle of one of the busiest thoroughfares in the Washington, D.C. metro area? Please! (And this isn't the first time Maryland fans have done this, either.)

To our knowledge Illinois fans have never gone to such lengths to show their devotion to their team. Must be that good ole Midwestern common sense. We just do things like start our own Illini blog.

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