Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Dickie V. Watch

Illintalk was hoping to go through the week without mentioning him but alas...once again he does something to merit attention.

Although these priceless tidbits all come to Illinitalk secondhand, they are completely believable.

This time the dish comes via play-by-play man Brent Musburger, who last night said Dickie V. would be calling the Illinois-Wisconsin game Jan. 25 in Madison. He specifically noted that Vitale has circled the game on his schedule as a loss for the Illini.

Although this isn't a bold prediction by any means, given Wisconsin's strong advantage at home, these comments will no doubt make it to the Illini's locker room bulletin board. And given the chip many Illinois players seem to be developing on their shoulders because of a lack of respect from certain national media (see Dee Brown's comments in this Mark Tupper column) this will only motivate them further.

Also to note...Illinitalk hears Musburger had his own bit of fun at Vitale's expense saying something along the lines of: "Dickie V. is leaving his beloved ACC and coming to Big Ten country."

Shout-out to Musburger for telling it like it is!

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