Friday, July 01, 2011

A Brand New Day...Welcome, Nebraska!

It's official. The University of Nebraska is now a member of the Big Ten. Congrats and welcome, Cornhuskers! I believe the Big Red will fit in nicely here.

My job has put me in contact with quite a few Nebraska natives in the past year and a half. And they universally have expressed excitement to be part of the Big Ten conference. Much of this excitement is due to their confidence in dominating on the football field, but although they have a strong team, their inaugural Conference schedule will be a challenge. If they make it to Indy, they will have earned the trip.

But Nebraska fans can look forward to much more than just football. They bring another of the nation's top women's volleyball teams to what I believe will be the top conference in the country. Penn State, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, will be fun to watch. And the BTN will help us do just that.

The basketball teams may be in for a few tough seasons as they transition to the Big Ten. Actually, the transition will challenge all the teams. For the rest of the Big Ten, one new team will be manageable to scout and learn. The Cornhuskers have a whole conference to "meet."

Overall, though, I'm excited to see this addition to the Big Ten. Now, if we could just get logical names and organization for the divisions...

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