Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maybe Not

The Eddie McGee at QB endeavor lasted two+ quarters on Saturday. And then Juice returned and helped prevent the Illini from getting shut out on Homecoming. And the D showed up in the second half, as well.

Yes, I watched the game (though not live), and I realize there weren't many highlights. But just to make me feel better, I'm going to list some of them:

I realize I'm stretching, but I do feel a bit better now.

But the Illini still have us scratching our heads and wondering what happened to our team. The defense was porous in the first half. Are they missing the middle linebacker leadership? Martez Wilson was supposed to fill the whole left by J Leman and then Brit Miller, but he's out for the season.

The offense has lots of weapons, but they don't seem to be firing until late in the game (but at least the scores won't look quite so bad years from now). Eddie McGee looked rougher than I expected in the first half. His accuracy left a lot to be desired. But not all the incompletions where his fault. McGee did make Juice look better though. But there were still more 3-and-outs than an offense with this talent should have.

And the penalties...I don't have the energy to detail how they hurt. But they do.

Next up? Indiana. They looked great at Michigan a few weeks ago (and they got a bum call), but they didn't look so great at Virginia last week.


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