Sunday, March 15, 2009

Falling Short

That's what happened to way too many of the Illini shots against Purdue today. Shots fell short, bricked or just wouldn't fall -- a sight Illini fans have seen a couple times this season. The Illini had plenty of the shots they wanted, but they weren't able to actually score.

The Boilermakers we saw today were the team that was expected to be at the top of the conference from the beginning of the season.

JaJuan Johnson and Robbie Hummel led the Boilers in scoring, and although Dominique Keller had 16 and Calvin Brock had 12 points, the Illini couldn't keep up. The stats show that the Illini were only out-rebounded by 3 and that Mike Davis matched Hummel with 12 boards, but during the game it seemed that Purdue was much more active. In fact, the final score is much more respectable thanks to 3 last-minute 3s from Bill Cole.

The Illini will likely get a tough seed in the tournament, but they should be dancing next week. Hopefully Chester will be able to play -- he was missed today.

Purdue - Ohio State should be an entertaining championship game...and then the Madness will begin.


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