Wednesday, January 14, 2009


That is the win total for the Illini basketball program, making them 13th all-time.

The Illini did just what they needed to against the Michigan Wolverines. They split the season series with a 66-51 win in Champaign.

These teams are evenly matched, and the Wolverines went into halftime, much like the Illini had in Ann Arbor. But this time, the Illini drove, defended the 3-point arc and established Mike Tisdale inside for a win. Tisdale had a great game from the field, as did Demetri McCamey. But the biggest difference from the first meeting -- the Illini shut down DeShawn Sims.

Tisdale led the Illini with 24 points -- including a 3. And his strong play made Sims work hard on D. McCamey added 17 points, 15 in the first half, and 5 assists to keep the Illini competitive early. The Illini continue to shoot pretty well and hold the other team to below-average shooting. Good stuff.

Go Illini!

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