Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Disappointing, But You Can Still Smell Some Roses

That was painful. But, Illini fans know how to handle painful. We have plenty recent experience with ugly losses.

The Illini made critical mistakes, but they also played well. As one USC fan said to me after the game, “The final score doesn’t reflect how well you played.” Once on track, the D held USC scoreless for a long stretch in the first half. And as Juice’s arm warmed up, our offense showed it’s explosive potential.

Here are a few of my thoughts based on my perspective from the Illini end zone…

2007 was a year to remember. We beat Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin. We won 9 games. And we had a great scouting trip to Pasadena so that players, coaches and the Illini Nation know how to do this next time. Because I firmly believe this is just the beginning. A few notes:

Finally, I refuse to allow this disappointing end spoil a wonderful season. We still had a season that exceeded expectations. And as I watched a team of very disappointed young men walk off the field, I choked up with pride in this team and their accomplishments. I am proud to be a loyal Illini.

Note: Please forgive the length of this post and it's redundancy with Chief's comments. After watching live, I had lots of thoughts to share...

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