Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What a Season!

Congratulations to Big Ten Coach of the Year Ron Zook and Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year Rashard Mendenhall. They helped the Illini make a statement -- not only in the Big Ten, but on the national scene.

Illinois ends the season in second place in the Big Ten, tied with Michigan (a game we could have won...), behind Ohio State (a game I am still impressed we won). And, the upset of the Buckeyes in Columbus pushed the Illini into the BCS picture, as Chief pointed out.

The Sweet Sioux Tomahawk trophy has finally returned to Champaign after 4 years. Although I didn't see all the Northwestern game, the text updates I received indicated that the Illini stayed in control. (Thanks to the Illini fan who kept me updated on both the Illini and the OSU-Michigan game from Memorial stadium while I was at the wedding -- but I did see your ESPN debut!) The Illini seniors, who have risen from the bottom of the Big Ten, inspired their team the night before the game -- and the Illini delivered.

As other conferences move into championship games, the Illini can enjoy Thanksgiving as they watch and wait for a bowl invitation. It should be a great one...

Go Illini!

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