Saturday, April 21, 2007

U of I -- The Place To Be

That's what state champion wrestler Erique Robertson decided last January. He graduated from high school early and skipped his senior wrestling season for Illini football. As one of the three members of the 2007 recruiting class to start school early, Robertson has made a switch from DB to RB. My favorite Robertson quote from the Trib:

"Coach Zook asked if it would be OK if they moved me to offense," Robertson says. "He left it up to me. I played both in high school, so it wasn't a big adjustment. I prefer hitting, but it's good to score touchdowns."

Scoring will be critical, as wins will be used to measure the football team this year. But Benn, Robertson and Flowers, who have all gotten plenty of attention this spring, seem to believe they made the right choice by heading to Champaign.

So who else will decide Illinois is the place to be? Speculation has pegged Robin Pingeton, the women's basketball coach down the road at Illinios State, as a solid replacement for Theresa Grentz. And the Tribune has Illinois at the top of Jeffrey Jordan's list, although that may be hometown bias, when compared to what the NY Times says on Jordan.

Note to Jeffrey: As the football freshmen say, Illinois is a great place to be. Just a couple hours from your hometown, regular opportunities to visit the United Center, a coaching staff committed to developing players...

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