Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kelvin Sampson Says He's Not Interested in Players Who Have Committed Elsewhere

Read this story in the Louisville Courier-Journal today by Rick Bozich. Pay close attention to this quote:

Sampson cannot discuss recruits, but he did tell me yesterday he is not interested in players who have committed elsewhere. "That's not what we're about," he said.

Excuse me? And the reporter (who is supposed to be impartial) doesn't press Sampson on this?

I would have at least like to have known if Sampson was able to say that with a straight face.

Put aside the Eric Gordon situation for a minute and check out the following two links and tell me Sampson is not interested in players who have already committed to other schools:

CBS Sportsline:

Also, Gordon isn't the only Big Ten commitment Sampson is recruiting. He's also trying to convince Iowa recruit Beas Hamga, a 7-0 Cameroon native with Bloomington, Ind., ties, to consider the Hoosiers. Sampson's no saint.


As for rumors that Walter Offutt could still change his mind and sign with another team, he laid those to rest. A recent report said new Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson was working Offutt to stay in state but the guard said that's not going to happen. He even is skipping an upcoming AAU event on the IU campus to show his devotion"The (unwritten) rule is that once you commit to a school no one else is supposed to recruit you but everyone knows it doesn't work that way," said Offutt

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