Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hey! We've Got the Same Conference Record as Iowa, Wisconsin and Penn State!

The Illini won their first Big Ten football game in a long time yesterday (since 2004).

How sweet it was. We got revenge for Michigan State running up the score on us at Memorial Stadium last year (61-14).

Just how did we go about getting revenge? We won this year in East Lansing. According the Chicago Tribune: "a stunned homecoming crowd of 71,268."

In fact, our guys caused quite a scuffle at midfield after they tried to plant the Illini flag in that big ugly "S." But they were just getting revenge apparently for MSU's actions last year at Memorial Stadium.

MUST SEE: Check out the locker room celebration here: (don't worry, it's not X-rated). A few things to note: Brasic could be whining in the corner, instead he's the head cheerleader. Also, the players know the words to "Illinois Loyalty!" Way cool!

Mark Tupper now wonders: "How many can they win?"

There's no doubt in my mind Juice Williams could be the next Dee Brown. The sky is the limit for this football program. But for now let's focus on winning the next two guys: Indiana (with Eric Gordon in attendance) and Ohio.

By the way, who knew Jerry Glanville was the defensive coordinator for the University of Hawaii football team?

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