Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Hot Seat

Ok, so Lloyd Carr may not be on the hot seat quite as much as he was before yesterday's game with Notre Dame. So now our question is this: Is Ron Zook on the hot seat?

Some Illini fans think so. Although we obviously want to see some wins on the field, we're willing to give Zook's recruits time to gel. Unfortunately right now, they are all freshmen. The juniors and seniors they are playing with should be playing for Ball State (thank you Ron Turner).

So what does Zook do? He's got a mess on his hands and everyone knows it. Illinitalk witnessed the Rutgers debacle in person. At left is what the end zone looked like when the Illini had the ball:

EMPTY (We didn't even cross the 50!)

I believe the best thing Zook could do right now is start all his freshmen recruits, including Juice Williams, who was one of the only bright spots Saturday. He's getting a baptism by fire but he'll be better for it when he's an upperclassman. Seriously, when your freshman QB is getting the mention in the NY Times, it's time he started.

Here is the strategy: Zook starts the freshmen and let's the media know about it. The media will spin it that he knows the team ain't gonna do much this season but he wants to give the future stars experience. This will help recruits understand that Zook is building from stratch, they will get immediate playing time if they commit to Illinois and they won't get scared off by all the devasting losses because everyone will know Zook is starting freshmen.

So what do you think? Is Zook on the hot seat? How does he salvage the season? Sound off below in our comment section.

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