Saturday, September 16, 2006

Eric Gordon Visiting Illinois Today

Eric Gordon will be in Champaign-Urbana today to take what appears to be his final official visit, according to his father. Indy Star's Jeff Rabjohns reports on his blog today that E.J. will issue a statement next week (we assume to put this whole saga to an end).

In addition, another source has also informed Illinitalk that Dar Tucker is visiting DePaul this weekend and Derrick Rose is visiting Notre Dame (good weekend to do so with Michigan and Lloyd "On the Hot Seat" Carr in town for some football), although we are unable to confirm either visit. However, if true, the Rose visit to Notre Dame may bode well for the Illini.

It's a well-known fact that Gordon wanted to play college hoops with Rose. IF Rose hasn't made his decision on where he's going and Gordon is putting and end to this next week, it may mean IU was unable to bring in Rose and Gordon as a package deal. In our opinion, this is one of--if not the only--way Gordon would play for sanction-plagued IU coach Kelvin Sampson.

All that said, we're not getting our hopes up too high, lest we be crushed. However, we will remain cautiously optimistic that Gordon will stick with his committment to Illinois.

Either way, this whole thing is about to be over. Thank goodness. This recruitment has gotten so much press and created so many hard feelings on both sides that it's starting to remind us of this.

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