Sunday, July 02, 2006

Demetri McCamey, Eric Gordon and Derrick Rose

Here is the status of Illinois recruiting: Highly sought after, consensus top 100, if not top 50, 6'3" 190 lb. point guard Demetri McCamey committed to Illinois Friday. Brett Dawson broke the story and put Illini fans' minds at ease over the future of the point guard position at Illinois.

Many compare McCamey to Deron Williams . If this is true, many fans will be happy and so will Eric Gordon. The Illini's prize recruit out of Indianapolis (what used to be only Hoosier recruiting territory) can rest assured he will have someone to dish him the ball and set him up as he showcases he phenominal skills.

All this has not stopped Eric Gordon from still going after DerrickRose. Check out this Indy Star article today to see Illini Recruiter-in-Chief Eric Gordon's strategy to get Mr. Rose to come to Illinois. All I have to say in response is Bruce Weber=coaching AND recruiting genius and Hoosier fans better look out as the Illini have invaded their state.

Finally, Mark Tupper has a nice column today about the latest state of play in Illini hoops recruiting.

All this is very good news for the future of Illinois basketball.

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