Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Michigan preview and other important stuff

1. Let's hope our guards bring it tonight. Tupper says Jamar will play after sitting our the Indiana game. Hopefully he (along with Dee) finds his stroke tonight. If so, it will go a long way to busting the zone Michigan is sure to throw Illinois' way. Meanwhile, Weber wonders which Michigan team he'll run into tonight. Tupper also has a look at the end of the Big Ten season here.

2. Much has been made of the quick turnaround for this game. Two games in three days is a lot but that's what happens when you're good and TV wants you. It does seem silly, though, that Illinois is the only team in the Big Ten to have to play two games in three days twice (with the second game in both situations being on the road).

3. As long as we're talking schedule, no matter what happens tonight, I like our chances Saturday against Iowa. The Hawkeyes will have had a week off since their upset loss to Minnesota. They should be rusty. And it's senior night at Assembly Hall.

4. Eric Gordon was at the game Sunday and in case anyone has any doubts about his loyalty to Illinois, please read this blog by Brett Dawson.

5. I know it's Olney, IL but it's pretty cool when other Illinois coaches point to Weber and his teams for inspiration. I expect the state loyalty to only grow throughout Weber's tenure.

6. How cool is this Coca-Cola ad?

7. Currently no Illini basketball jerseys hang from the Assembly Hall rafters. Mark Tupper says that should change and Dee Brown's should be the first. Your thoughts? Comment below or "Talk Back" to us at illinitalk@gmail.com!

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