Thursday, August 04, 2005

Football and Basketball Updates

Football time

We've gotten a little behind recently so it's time for some catch-up. First, football news since it starts soon.

Ron Zook is an image theory says that's partly why he's so good at recruiting. He knows how to build a positive image. Need proof? Check out this link.

Mike Downey has a nice article on Coach Zook in the Tribune today on the future of Illini football.

Mark Tupper has some great football-related posts on his blog here. And speaking of Tupper, you can now catch his appearance on WSOY via podcast at this link!


Gregg Doyel has a little piece in his "Dribbles" column about Illinois going against Duke for recruits and the Illini getting burned every time.


Allow us a simple response: How many times must we hear that Illinois lost out on Scheyer to a "late-charging Duke?" That's false.

Two years ago if you would have told us that we'd be coming off a season where we were two games short of undefeated and played in the national championship game and therefore were going head to head with Duke for recruits and giving K a run for his money, we'd have been delighted.

But many of the sports media elites and recruiting analysts don't think of it that way.

Not really sure what they are thinking.

Or if they are thinking period.


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